Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hello Orlando!

Hi there!
This is our fun little high tech bike blog for posting about the adventures that will be our bike tour, respect yer mama 2009. As we bike along (in Tank tops!) we thought we'd share our adventures. Leave us love and comments and we will post whenever we can.

After many miles of travel, 3/4 of us have finally made it to Orlando! We have workshops and concerts lined up all over the city. We all have working bikes, and are more or less ready to ride.

Photos of shannon building up the trailer (shannon=badass)
Evan ready to fall over, evan falling over on the couch
Lylee playing the uke!

hearts and spokes!
Lylee, Shannon and Evan (and soon Art too!!!)


  1. is sooooo jealous. art is still at home, barely able to move because his head may explode if he does. a mean, evil, nasty cold has delayed his arrival.
    hopefully monday he'll hop on the amtrak and ride up to meet y'all!

  2. hey, when are you going to performing in Minnesota?? I would love to see you play. but hey, this is Noah Gahm, from BSU band camp. maybe you don't remember me... but again, if you are ever in MN again, let me know, and i will try to come and see you.